Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Hi everyone, i went last week on a quick trip in south of France for 4 days where the weather was absolutly wonderful to paint with my broth' Seok...a real french old school writer that never gave up painting since 1989.. the plan was to paint several walls but we ended up doing a 45 meters long walls together....surprisingly it took me only 2 days and a half to complete my part, which gave me time to do an other piece and a few throw ups here and there!!
A huge big up to all the members of the OPK 711 crews that drove us to the spot each morning and the ones that came to spend time while we were painting too, and an A Respect to my man Seok for how he treated me down there and also his lovely wife and kids that know better about hip-hop and graffiti than video games!


Find My walls in Hi-Res HERE
And Seok's Flickr page THERE
Also just to see it again Untill the last drop video we made last november! Video